Color Tunnel

[Left arrow] = Move Left
[Right arrow] = Move Right
[A][D] you an also use those keys

In color Tunnel your mission is to fly through the colorful tunnel at high speed and try not not to hit anything on your way.

There are a lot of different moving obstacles in this game so you will need practice and a bit of luck to complete the game.

The speed of the game is high and will become even higher when you progress so be ready.
Drift Boss
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Narrow One
House Of Hazards

Color Tunnel : Game Description

Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel is a very colorful and very addictive online game which is very similar to the legendary Cubefield game, but here you have to fly through the colorful tunnel and try to avoid obstacles on your way. Keep in mind that there are different types of moving obstacles waiting for you in this game so you will need some practice to understand how to overcome them. Keep in mind that it is an endless running game, this means that you can't just stop and think for a while - you are moving all the time and the speed becomes higher as you progress.

How To Play Color Tunnel?

Even though that it is a 3D game, you have only two directions to choose - left or right. Your mission is to avoid hitting any object on your way. The game is rather addictive but there is something that I don't like - the colors are too bright in the tunnel and sometimes that's pretty bad for the eyes, I mean changing the colors frequently. But on the other hand, thats the main difficulty of the game - move through the tunnel of changing colors and at the same time think how not to hit anything. The full version of the Color Tunnel is now available at our website for free so have fun.

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